Application of Storm Roll: Arms Crossed Roll

Regarding the "Arms Crossed Roll" that I explained in this blog the other day, there were some requests to write it in English, so I will re-edit it and upload it again. I see Arms Crossed Roll as an advanced technique of Storm Roll. However, it may be slightly more complicated and difficult than Stormroll. From my experience, I will tell you a little bit how to solve these. In addition, my English is very poor, so you may have trouble understanding some parts. Then I will rely on your imagination. lol

This is a setup pose. Strictly speaking, this is the state after a half rotation. The Arms Crossed Roll uses the same leverage principle as the Storm Roll, but unlike the Storm Roll, you can't take a pose that holds the seamline under your armpit. Therefore, the paddle cannot be placed deeply on the kayak. Therefore, the paddle should be above sea level at the time of this setup pose.

Start a sweep. By keeping the paddle above the sea surface as much as possible, you can put the paddle on the kayak like this. You can't use the principle of leverage if you don't put the paddle on the kayak. Please note that if you put the paddle grip in the extended position, it will be difficult to put the paddle on the kayak.

While braced on the principle of leverage, you can prevent the tip of the paddle from diving deeper than the sea surface by twisting your upper body. As you may know, I also use leg drive in the Arms Crossed Roll. In all rolls we should use as large muscles as possible. These are the back and thigh muscles.

A recovery sweep isn't required, but to ensure your safety, I recommend practicing this until it becomes a habit.
Now look at the first image again and notice the grip position of the Arms Crossed Roll. There is a gap between both hands. This gap is important. With your hands touching each other, your arms will always move together. In other words, liberty is taken away. The gap between the hands allows each arm to move somewhat freely. Use this to do a small sweep. I did this with the "Start Sweep" image. Of course, it's not as powerful as Stormroll. But the more allies the better.
I hope these are useful to you. And if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Thanks! (^^)/